Is United Financial Freedom Legit?
Who We Are, & Who We're Not

We’ve noticed some confusion online as to who we are & what we do. Let’s set the record straight.

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Yes, both United Financial Freedom and The Money Max Account are legit. As we’ve built The Money Max Account into what it is today, we’ve found that people sometimes mistake us for other brands or services—whether due to similar names or simply because we’re in the financial sector.

Of course, this is totally natural. With so many businesses out there, some are bound to look or sound alike, especially if they’re in the same field.

But there’s only one United Financial Freedom. One creator of the award-winning Money Max Account software and provider of top-notch financial services, and we’re here to clear up any confusion about our brand and our mission to help clients get out of debt fast.

The article below outlines exactly who we are, who we’re not, and how our award-winning software changes lives every day.

Don’t Confuse Us (Who We’re Not)

If you’ve tried to Google us before, there’s a chance you came across a few lookalikes.

"Money Max" Savings or Money Market Accounts
Some banks and credit unions allow you to open “Money Max” Savings or “Money Max” Money Market accounts. These accounts offer increasing annual percentage yields as your balance increases, meaning your interest rate will grow as your savings do.

Freedom Financial
Freedom Financial is a real estate financing company that helps their clients set up reverse mortgage loans. These loans allow older adults (age 62 and older) to borrow money against the equity they’ve accrued in their homes.

Freedom Debt Relief
Freedom Debt Relief specializes in helping customers with credit card debt by negotiating with creditors in an attempt to settle for less than the full amount customers owe.

Freedom Financial Network
Freedom Financial Network is another consumer debt relief company that helps customers find the solutions that work best for them, including debt consolidation, debt relief, personal loans, home equity solutions, bankruptcy, or credit counseling.

Who We Are

We know… all those nearly identical names are enough to make your head spin. But if you’re looking for us, a good rule to follow is to look for both “United Financial Freedom” and “The Money Max Account” on the same site. If you can’t find both of those names, it’s not us.

Of course, it's also key to remember we aren’t in the business of debt consolidation, mortgage refinancing, credit counseling, or home equity solutions. We’re an award-winning, A+ BBB-rated debt elimination software that allows you to bank like a bank and save life-changing amounts of money on mortgage interest and other debts.

Many of the debt “relief” solutions mentioned above require you to take on more debt to pay off what you owe (debt consolidation and personal loans) or extend your loan term and pay significantly more in interest (refinancing).

But rather than saddle you with more debt, United Financial Freedom created the Money Max Account to guide you step-by-step to debt freedom without requiring you to cut back on spending.

The Money Max Account is Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom

It achieves this using advanced financial algorithms to analyze every aspect of your finances—income, bills, mortgage payments, recreational spending, student loans, credit card debt, interest rates, etc.—and determine the most efficient way to pay off all your debt.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the system adjusts your financial roadmap as you make and spend money, telling you which debt to pay off and when every step of the way. With the Money Max Account in your passenger seat, you can stop worrying about navigating and put your full focus on driving to your debt-free future.

To put it into perspective, the average Money Max Account user saves over $100,000 in interest payments. That’s "put your kids through college" money. That’s new car money. That’s a life-changing amount of cash you can invest and put to work for you and your family.

Our name may look similar to other companies, but only United Financial Freedom’s Money Max Account can guarantee five and six-figure savings on your journey to debt freedom.

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