Think You Can’t Afford Your Mortgage Payment Anymore? Think again. This all-in-one account is designed to help you pay off your debt in no time.

The U.S. economy has taken a hit lately, and many Americans are finding it more difficult than ever to keep up with their living expenses.

If you’re a homeowner, you know all too well that a mortgage is one of the most expensive bills on your monthly list.

And if you’ve been feeling like you can’t afford your mortgage payment anymore, you’re not alone.

In December of 2020, an estimated 5 million Americans were behind on their rent/mortgage payments, while another 1.2 million homeowners felt at risk of eviction.

So, keep reading as we take a look at what falling behind on loan payments could look like for you, and what you can do to make sure you’re debt-free (and stress-free) in less time.

Feeling the Pressure of Mortgage Payments?

The truth is, nobody wants to think about their mortgage payments.

Often, it’s a homeowner’s greatest burden— like a dark cloud that’s always hanging overhead. And that monthly mortgage bill we try so hard to forget about can stick around for 15-30 years, putting a serious dent in your savings after you’ve paid off your loan principal plus interest.

Not to mention, your mortgage payment isn’t the only expense you’ll have to worry about.

Buying your first home could be the best day of your life. But life goes on, and there’s no telling what expense might pop up next.

Maybe you’ll need to buy a new car, put the kids through school, or take the whole family on a much-needed vacation. The list goes on, and unfortunately, the bank won’t stop collecting your monthly payment if money gets tight.

Even if you feel like you’re keeping your head above the water financially, circumstances can change at any moment.

The reality of owning a home is, most people can’t keep tens of thousands in the bank for all of life’s unexpected challenges. There will always be other bills to pay, and things can become overwhelming in the blink of an eye. Still, the alternative is every homeowner’s worst nightmare: defaulting on a monthly mortgage payment.

The Consequences of Falling Behind

Like we said—no one wants to think about falling behind on their mortgage payments.

Still, understanding what can happen if you default on your loan payment is one of the most important parts of being a homeowner.

So, what does defaulting on a loan payment look like?

Your Credit Score

To start with, your credit score will take a hit.

Your payment history (mortgage payments included) makes up a hefty 35% of your credit score.

Just a few late payments could drop your credit score significantly, amounting to a domino effect for your finances.

You may need to refinance your mortgage to take advantage of your home’s equity. But when money is already tight, a lower credit score leads to higher interest rates on any loans you receive...

Which means even less money in your pocket.

Possible Lawsuits

When a homeowner fails to pay their mortgage payment, the bank will begin the foreclosure process.

How long this takes will depend on the state you live in, but generally you’ll have about 120 days before the foreclosure process begins.

If you’re forced to walk away from your home, your lender may try to get their money back, and that could mean taking you to court.

Essentially, if the bank doesn’t get what’s owed when they sell your home, they’ll seek a court order forcing you to pay back the difference between the value of your possessions and the amount you still owe on your loan.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Let’s say the bank is coming after you for outstanding debts.

If the bank has already sold your home and your debt still isn’t settled, they could go for your bank accounts or garnish your wages.

In this situation, filing for bankruptcy may be your only option.

Chapter 7, or liquidation bankruptcy, involves giving up some or all of your assets to be sold by the bank.

You can seek exemptions for some possessions. But certain motor vehicles, vacation homes, and collectibles are all likely to be taken.

On top of that, you’ll pay thousands in court fees, and your bankruptcy case can affect your credit score for up to 10 years afterward.

A Homeowner’s all-in-one Defense Plan

By now you’re probably wondering…

What can I do to make sure something like this never happens to me?

Well, you can do your best to save up and keep a savings cushion in the bank. But as you know, managing your finances is never as simple as being a smart spender.

That’s why we’ve pioneered a better way to save.

The Money Max Account

Back in the early 2000’s, the founders of United Financial Freedom saw a serious problem. They were helping their clients secure debt consolidation loans, allowing them to refinance their loans and utilize their home’s equity.

Their only problem? Repeat customers.

Some clients kept coming back for debt consolidation and refinancing, and before the clients knew it they had spent beyond their means.

Our founders felt responsible—they had helped homeowners save hundreds of thousands, and still some clients had fallen even further into debt. That’s where the Money Max Account began.

We can’t stand debt, and we know you can’t either. So, we created Money Max to make sure you’ll be out of debt in no time, and into a lifestyle that you’ve been working hard for.

You could be done paying off your mortgage in as little as 7-10 years with Money Max. And you’ll never have to worry about mortgage payments, greedy lenders, or the possibility of foreclosure ever again.

Wait, how does it work?

We’re glad you asked!

The Money Max Account is an Advanced Line of Credit system or ALOC for short.

In its most basic form, ALOC is essentially a checking and savings account. When your monthly bills arrive, you’ll pay from your ALOC. And when you get paid, you can make deposits against the ALOC balance.

We know what you’re thinking: another line of credit?! How’s that going to help me get out of debt?

Well, Money Max isn’t just a line of credit. It’s an all-in-one account that works around the clock to calculate the fastest route out of debt for you.

By storing your cash in the ALOC, Money Max develops a customized cycle of deposits and withdrawals. At the same time, it will determine the exact amount you should pay towards your mortgage and other debts each month.

The longer you save your cash in your ALOC, the lower your interest falls.

And the amount you deposit and/or withdraw is always up to you! You can access the funds in your ALOC at any time.

The Money Max software does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

By keeping track of all your debts and paying them off systematically, Money Max works as a jack of all trades for your debt payments.

Each move that Money Max makes is strategic and designed to get you out of debt in less time.

That means you can spend less time worrying about keeping up with your mortgage/debt payments, and more time doing the things that matter.

The best part? You won’t have to change your lifestyle. Money Max works for you 24/7, and you always have the final say on how you pay off your debts.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you’ve been thinking you can’t afford your mortgage anymore, give the Money Max Account a try first.

We know a thing or two about debt, and we want to help you achieve your goals without the headache of refinancing your loans or carefully saving every penny.

Keep the lifestyle you have and get ready for the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of with the Money Max account.

Visit our homepage to learn more, or contact a UFF representative for more information.

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