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Limited Warranty

What Does This Warranty Cover? United Financial Freedom ("UFF") warranties that customer's "Years to Pay Off" date as shown on the The Money Max Account program, is accurate based upon the financial data provided by customer and customer's following the prompts and money transfers as directed by the Program. Additionally, UFF warranties that customer will be able to access the software over the internet via a web portal (or through a downloadable format, at the sole discretion of the company) and that customer's personal data will be stored on protected secure servers.

How Long Does The Coverage Last? This warranty lasts for as long as customer uses the Program. Coverage terminates if customer stops using the Program, loads inaccurate data, or fails to follow the money transfers as directed by the Program.

What will United Financial Freedom Do? In the event that customer's debts are not paid off by the Payoff Date and customer has followed all money transfers as directed by the Program, UFF will refund the purchase price of the Program excluding any finance charges that have been paid. If customer is not able to access the Program, UFF will troubleshoot customer's issues. If it is determined that customer's inability to access the Program is due to an issue with UFF and UFF is unable to resolve customer's access issue within thirty days of receiving notification of UFF's error, customer shall be entitled to a refund of the purchase price of the Program excluding any finance charges that have been paid. Under no circumstances will UFF be liable for any monetary amount beyond refunding the purchase price of the program.

What Does This Warranty Not Cover? This warranty does not cover any access problems to the Program due to customer's equipment, computer, internet browser, or ability to access the Internet. Nor does this warranty cover any inability to use the Program due to a change in customer's personal or financial circumstances such as loss of employment, death or disability. Nothing in this warranty shall be implied to cover unavailability of lines of credit or changes to lines of credit or mortgages.

How Do I Get Service? Problems with access to the Program or questions about the Payoff Date can be addressed by calling 877-576-5563, emailing

Please refer to the documentation provided to you during your activation for full details. We hope to join you on your journey to financial freedom.

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